Day 16

Sixteen (16) Days on Keto woop! woop! Current weight 93.4 kilos!! No carbs, minimal protein, veggies and plenty of soup (yum! yum!) Still trying to eat fatty foods oh and i bought me some coconut oil it smells goods, tastes yum and you can use it on everything hair, body, food etc 30 September was… Continue reading Day 16

Day 12 Jenz – 29th September 2017

Meals Breakfast – 50 gms of nuts Lunch – The most amazing chicken salad from Moniko’s Kitchen. Waaaaaaa. I really enjoyed that salad. I couldn’t believe that I put away that bread roll like it was dirt. Dinner – half chicken deep fried, 2 carbquik pancakes , 2 spoons of xylitol with cocoa. Day’s approx macros – 5NC/66F/29P… Continue reading Day 12 Jenz – 29th September 2017

Day 10 Jenz – 27th September 2017

DAY TEN, OMG, DAY TEN First, I’d like to thank God….. 🙂 Making my Oscars speech right now! Meals Breakfast – 2 slices of ham, 1 egg, 2 sausages, 6 slices of bacon Lunch – Beef broth, 50gms peanuts Dinner – Beef stew Day’s approx macros – 5NC/75F/20P Exercise – Nothing Mood – Feeling ok. Not as tired and I didn’t nap… Continue reading Day 10 Jenz – 27th September 2017

Day 9 Jenz – 26th September 2017

Meals Breakfast – 200gms peanuts Lunch – Mixed salad Dinner – Beef curry Day’s approx macros – A lot of carbs due to the peanuts…. Honestly, those were a lot of peanuts…….. 16NC/54F/29P Exercise – Nothing Mood – Feeling good. So proud of myself. Last night was really hard. I invaded the kitchen at midnight. I had no snacks. If I… Continue reading Day 9 Jenz – 26th September 2017